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23 years of Excellence at Netwin

It has been 23 years here in Netwin. 23 proud years. Every day of these 23 years brought us new experiences, new honors, new relationships, new challenges, new passion, new enthusiasm, new successes and new failures too…. Never ever in these years was a moment when we didn’t thank the almighty for giving us the chance to experience these years. For giving us the chance to be part of this great family. It has been a great experience for us all being part of Netwin. Over these years Netwin has grown as a family with a deep-rooted foundation built on innovation and ethics. Netwin’s strength lies in its family of customers and people who work here.

Netwin was born out a shared passion of a small group of intellectuals who wanted to change the way IT was embraced by people in India, esp. in rural India. Those were the days of the early 90s when IT in India was in the nascent stage. We were all excited to have our hands on something that wasn’t only groundbreaking but would help our customers to easily adopt the IT solutions and reap maximum benefits out of it. Today, when we look at the hundreds and thousands of users of the tens of solutions we have developed, a sense of pride and satisfaction is generated out of the value we could generate in their businesses and their lives. Netwin- A company! I loved it here, the very first day, I am loving it till date and surely would continue to do so even further…
The people I met here weren’t very extraordinary people when we first met. But today they are. They have simplified the complex processes and more importantly, they have made people’s lives easier and more comfortable. I think we still have to do a lot more. Perhaps, the excitement in our journey is just started to get to a different level now.

21 years back, Netwin started with a single solution in banking and today it has evolved into a complete ecosystem of solutions for Banking and Financial , Manufacturing, Retail, HealthCare and various other customer segments We kept evolving with our customers and they, in turn, surprised us and kept us going with their deep appreciation and love. Our customers have always been our partners in progress. They are the people who inspired us at times to go ahead of the curve and kept us motivated by always encouraging to deliver more.

This journey of last 21 years has strengthened my belief that there are good people in this world and also there are many who have many good things in them. Feels great to be a Netwinite for life. Hope to write many more such Anniversary posts…Thanks.