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Ingenious Fleet Tracking System

Ingenious Fleet Tracking System

Fleets aim at just in-time delivery of goods no matter to what the place is!

You care about the customer satisfaction, we care about your fleet!

Fleet owners face a major issue at reducing the investment cost for vehicles in a fleet, efficient delivery, reducing the overall staff cost.


Netwin makes it easy for you to organize your fleets for various regions, and co-operative with the vehicles while on the transit. No more head- ache to attend the resources on the calls. Remotely monitor and get detailed insights of all the vehicles. Communicate faster, communicate better.

Benefits of Fleet Tracking Application

  • Vehicle acquisition
  • Fuel Management
  • Vehicle maintenance & Safety
  • Meeting compliance requirements for audits
  • Controlling costs
  • Accident and risk management

Calculate your fleet’s performance from any corner of the world.

Keep tracking simple with Netwin’s Ingenious Fleet Tracking solution.

Why Do You Need Ingenious Fleet Management For Your Business?

  • Fear of Missing out the vehicles from your fleet while on the way for delivery of goods? Ingenious takes care of your vehicles when off track Get notified instantly when your vehicles get away from your fleet and track it on fingertips
  • You are bothered about the vehicles maintenance, its spare parts, fuel level? No more! Get to know where and when the vehicles stop, halt and spent idle time when on transit
  • How should you measure your drivers’ driving behavior and rate the performance? Keep it Simple with Ingenious. Learn about the driving habits like Harsh Acceleration, breaking, cornering and get the driving score that automatically rates their performance
  • Get complete travel details of your fleet. Improve the delivery of goods with the help of time tracking

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