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Ingenious Vehicle Tracking

Ingenious Vehicle Tracking

Vehicles, the easiest mode of transportation can be the reason behind the most complex day-to-day problems. Similar to the way, human beings take special care of their health and well being, vehicles need extra care which accounts more than quarterly servicing, cleaning and analysis of his usage.

Ingenious Vehicle Tracking gives solution to the common and complex problems faced by the vehicle owners and drivers in terms of maintenance, diagnosis and monitoring 24*7.


Ingenious is a strong vehicle tracking and diagnosis tool that helps you ‘ track n trail’ your vehicle wherever it is along with consistent fault detection and driving analysis.


Netwin ensures hassle free remote vehicle tracking and diagnosis on your finger tips. No more worries of your cars being theft or towed, when Ingenious is at your rescue! Set custom Geo-fence to check your vehicle status at various places. Prevent ‘wear n tear’ of your vehicles with the driving behavior analysis and learn about the number of harsh accelerations and breaks increasing the tire friction and excessive idles consuming battery!

Dominant Features:

  • Vehicle Diagnosis with Fault Reports
  • Harsh Driving Inspection
  • Driving behavior Analysis & Driving score
  • Live Tracking
  • Auto-Trips: No need to set the track manually, Ingenious makes it hassle free to record trips
  • 24*7 Anti-theft & Towing Alarm
  • Alerts & Notification for Over-speeding, Vehicle Servicing & Fuel Log alerts
  • Document Wallet to maintain the License, Insurance documents, etc.
  • Easy Payment options

Why worry with the old methods of maintenance,
while you can relax with the car control in your hand.

Why To Use Ingenious for Vehicle Tracking?

  • To Know your vehicles’ health and driving status from remote location
  • Help your child with the Harsh Driving Analysis while learning Car Driving & also monitor your Drivers’ driving behavior with the same
  • Be Up-to-date with the Faults in your vehicle via timely diagnosis
  • Set Geo-fence at various places to monitor the cars’ & the drivers’ location so as to monitor your Children’s & the drivers’ routine
  • Set Anti-theft Alarms at any location to prevent any malicious activities with your car
  • Always on toes Towing Alert that alerts you about your vehicle being taken away when in idle state
  • Navigate to your car in a crowd or the scariest parking lot using ‘Find My Car’
  • Road side assistance for you on the go!
  • Reminders for Service Maintenance of your vehicle
  • Cloud based easy accessibility of the application on your finger tips via a web app or a mobile app

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