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Ingenious School Bus & Student Tracking

Ingenious School Bus & Student Tracking

How can you monitor the Driver’s driving simply sitting at your place?

Why do you need a tracker for your School Buses?

What if the Bus diverts the route?

“It’s always better to be over prepared than to be under prepared”. This quote best explains that why a School Bus Tracking System is the need of an hour!


Vehicles are schools’ valuable assets and children are their parents lifeline. Netwin has brought to you an Ingenious system that helps you closely monitor, track your students and buses in real-time as well view the unlimited past routes by all the vehicles.

Measure the drivers’ performance by learning detailed insights of the number of harsh accelerations, breaks and idles or diverted routes for better security. No more live in assumption of drivers’ behavior when we give you concrete results to help you with the payouts.

Ingenious School Buses Tracking Features:

  • AIS 140 complaint, ARAI certified devices
  • Vehicle tracking with panic button assistance
  • Simple & Secure device activation
  • Concealed fitting with Ingenious GPS Tracker for advance vehicle tracking suitable for cars, heavy vehicles like buses & trucks, etc.
  • Complete vehicle protection with 24*7 Anti-theft & Geo-fence Alarm
  • Automatic trip recording, no manual interference
  • Notifications to parents, Guardians showing the boarding updates of their child and the bus on the way
  • Notifications & Alerts to School Admin & Bus Supervisor regarding Bus Mishaps, failures, route diversions, other security concerns.
  • Driving Analysis for better insights of the drivers and their performance
  • Easy Route designing & Optimization as per shortest route first, helps save fuel and time.
  • Trip scheduling
  • Vehicle & User Management
  • Automatic attendance management with RFID system for vehicle
  • Web & Mobile Application for easy access

Students are priceless children. Keep them safe while in transit to and fro in-between school and home. Track your kids in real-time along with the school buses. Know the buses status anytime, anywhere without delay.

Why Should You Opt for Ingenious School Bus Tracking?

  • Monitor your kids and students on transit from School to Home and on revert
  • Get notified every time your kid is picked or departed at the Bus Stop
  • Easy Route Designing and Optimization where the application suggests you the nearest location fist, by saving your time and fuel on transit
  • Parents and School can now keep a track of their Children independently by tracking the concerned Buses & Routes
  • Analyse where the vehicles spend idle time in between the stops or off duty hours to know where exactly the mishap took place
  • Route diversions can cause serious mishaps, thus it is necessary to keep a check of the same. Track the diverted routes with Ingenious.
  • Automated Attendance with RFID to keep records of all the Students, also comes with manual attendance to give solution to the problems at both moderate and high price budget
  • We follow industry standards with the devices regulation, and best in the market application

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