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Insurance has become the most growing business sector over last decade. Companies engaged in insurance and financial services have enjoyed maximum returns on equity compared to other industries. At the same time it has become more complex and challenging with global competition, erosion of profitability in the trading and advisory lines of business, an increasingly complex regulatory environment, geopolitical factors and increasing customer demands. Along with this, operational expenses including customer acquisition and IT maintenance and development costs are rising. The issue comes to technology. Today’s solutions / application, systems and processes for asset management, foreign exchange trading, regulatory compliance, risk management, and settlement are rigid, proprietary, and desktop-centric. They simply do not support the ability to perform the complex tasks, processes, and analyses that customers are expecting in today’s global marketplace.

Our team of experts at Netwin is very capable of accepting the challenges so as to ensure you increased productivity, improved efficiency, and more agility so as to get you highly increased revenues on your investments by providing full fledged financial & insurance web application services.

We at Netwin Infosolutions offer two kinds of insurance portals development viz. Customer portal & Agent portal:

  • Our Customer Portal offers many interactive applications & tools that aid customers find, buy, transact, evaluate, and in general do what they want to satisfy their insurance needs & purposes online.
  • Our Agent Portal includes all secured features for insurers where their agents, can view, transact on and manage their accounts in a highly interactive environment. Agents can use this portal at any time through their secure logins to upload and download information, exchange data, and view reports. They can also use this portal for quotes, creating business reports & customer account document management.