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Microsoft Dynamics Interface development

Microsoft Dynamics Interface Development

We have done extensive work on Microsoft Technology, we are Microsoft Technology Partner. Microsoft Dynamics is a smart investment in your business. You can upgrade as you grow your business.

Netwin helps you get the most out of Dynamics, both as a traditional on premise software or through the cloud. Our services include consulting, roadmap development, testing, maintenance and migration. Netwin has a pool of engineers with years of experience of developing interfaces, plug-ins, reports for MS Dynamics.

The world awash with data, and we can see consumers in a lot clearer ways only if our data is perfect. Our client’s requirement was to achieve this objective by enhancing the data quality without any data loss and compatible with most of the CRM. The primary challenge was to recognise the best and master record and fill the data from the duplicates to make it a perfect and more qualified data. Merge the duplicate data then without any data loss to live data. We can consider any data attribute to detect the duplicates, which gives the customer more power of customisation that makes our product more unique.

We developed a system, which allows the customer to customise the searching criteria to any data attributes in an entity type. The records are normalised; the client can choose the comparison algorithm to match the duplicates. Matched scores between the records are shown to find the similarity between records. Customers can merge the records automatically, which will merge all the identical records. If the client is not sure, then the records are shown in as for comparison to each other, which can then be combined, if they are duplicates or can skip it. The Promote and Fill functionality will promote and fill the record to make a record perfect.


The Key part in this application is the matching algorithm which recognises the different pattern of data entered in the CRM as they have global contact details. The capture functionality is designed to detect duplicates even before the creation of the record. The speciality in both the tools is it highlight duplicate records even if it phonetically sounds similar. The customer is sure now that whatever data they deal with are unique. In addition to it improved data quality, which helps them take an active decision.

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