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Online Retail

Online Retail

Netwin Infosolutions offers organizations with opportunities to exploit new channels for selling their products and services by developing various kinds of online retail platforms which now a days are emerging as the new enterprise application paradigms. The ever-changing information technologies keep bringing new opportunities for businesses to streamline their operations, improve their business interactions, optimizes their costs and thus get critical competitive advantages which can be obtained by using web portals. As today’s economy is becoming knowledge-intensive, portals become integrated platforms of anytime-anywhere access for information delivery, communication, collaboration and automating business processes through interconnected applications and web services.

Our solution for the Online Retail Industry include:

  • Ability for sellers to create and manage virtual marketplaces, by giving them ability to create their own website under our portal & ability for managing their entire product & services catalogues.
  • Provision of ability for sellers to offer their products and services on sale.
  • Easy management of catalogues & ability for purchasing/selling featured listings per view.
  • Ultimate option for clients to increase their revenues/profits.
  • Buyers to browse through the elaborate online catalogues, containing detailed descriptions and images.
  • Online bidding options for buyers & controlling tools for sellers.
  • Both buyers and sellers to view and track the bids made on the products.
  • Detailed summary or reports generation for buyers & sellers for every transaction.
  • Solution to include platform for communications amongst sellers, buyers, clients.
  • Provision for scheduling the auctions & notifying the specified group of buyers/sellers.
  • Reports / Summary generation for overall transactions through the portal service.
  • Secure online transaction processing by taking advantage of the latest Internet security standards, including 128-bit SSL encryption, as well as emerging credit card processing standards.
  • Automated recurring billing cycle development capabilities.
  • Provision for portal enhancement & maintenance options.

Our Services include:

  • Development of Bespoke Online Retail applications
  • Independent Functional and Security Testing
  • Mobile interface to third party Online Retail applications
  • BI Solutions for Online Retail