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Protium IoT Platform

Protium IoT Platform

Internet of Things (IoT) is all about devices talking to devices, and programming them for the work to be done without constant human interference.

Thus, IoT focuses on making lifestyle easier, by easily handling complex tasks & reducing the mental load at remembering tasks. Internet of things aims at solving peoples’ problems allowing them to gain complete control of the things necessary in operation.

IoT – The 4th Industrial revolution is an all-rounder and ubiquitous, transforming this world in a real computer.
Netwin has launched its own platform, where we focus on giving simpler solutions for complex & tedious problems, and allow the user to handle it swiftly.
Protium IoT focuses on the problems faced by the dominant resourceful sectors like Agriculture, Industries, Hospitality, Lifestyle, Social, etc..


Major challenges come from the field work where human intelligence works better to be attentive and intuitive, we allow technology to take charge of the sectors where human interaction should be avoided during danger, and things can take over to do the job like in the farms, on construction sites, etc.


You care about your home & its resources when away, you care about your offices, its utilization, cost optimization, etc. We help you care better by allowing you to manage and control the things and take powerful decisions.
We believe that technology should not be simply flashy and stunning, but should be a cornerstone at untangling day-to-day issues.

Benefits of IoT

  • Efficient resource utilization
  • Reduced human efforts
  • Lowers the cost and bring productivity
  • Decision analytics
  • Stronger decision making
  • Better customer experiences

Make your living smart & working swift with Protium IoT- the open platform incorporates all the fields to help you with the automation as per your needs

Where Can Protium IoT Solve The Problems?

  • Smart Home
    Lighting (Illumination), air- conditioners (HVAC), Door Access control, gardening, spa temperature control, TV, Microwave control etc.
  • Smart Building and Smart office
    Common Area lighting management, Lift access controls, Video surveillance, Alerts on motion in secured area at odd-hours.
  • Smart Agriculture
    Soil condition (moisture) based water supply to plants, Remote Power ON-OFF for motors, light control for plants in Green house projects. Crop management using IoT by weather prediction & soil detection, helping the farmers with correct crop cycle and timely prediction of insects and weed growth, the suitable insecticides and fertilizers to be used.
  • Animal Behavior/Health Prediction and solution
    Using various sensors it is possible to analyse the changing Behavior of the animals and predict the positive and negative impact due to weather or any other reason.
    Sensors also predict their weight and body temperature / symptoms of any illness.
    Maintenance of their health records and various medical check-ups are taken care by our platform.
  • People Counter
    Predict the count of people visiting the sections in the shopping arena, and analyse the changing trends and choices of the masses which affect your business.
    Decide the discounts and offer by analyzing the best and least selling products.
    Same goes with the historical sites, which enhances the culture of any nation. What factors people are more attracted to, and what development and maintenance should be taken under to stay tuned with the people.