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UI Testing

UI Testing

User interface testing is a testing which is used to identify the defects of the product / software under test by using GUI (Graphical Interface Testing). Success of any GUI application depends on how it interacts with user through its user interface, how the user actions are performed to access application’s features and whether application responds in functionally correct manner. An application with incorrect behaviour, or invalid user interaction can lead to huge problems, here Netwin’s User Interface testing comes into picture workers compensation claim. We have a test team which is experienced in UI testing and is able to assist you in everything that is required.

User Interface Testing Checklist at Netwin:

  • Checking Screen Validations
  • Verification of All Navigations
  • Checking usability Conditions
  • Verification of Data Integrity
  • Verification of the object states
  • Verification of the date Field and Numeric Field Formats