Success Story: Digital Marketing & Publishing Web Research Company - Data Analytics & RPA

The fastest Data Processing experienced with RPA

Overview: Our client is Germany based web Research Company, it collects data on various topics from different websites to build reports.


Web research company
  • Manual data collection was very slow and laborious process.
  • Unable to read huge data and analyze it.
  • Making the huge data human-readable format.
  • Processing the data to extract only required information.


  • We built solution using Python and RPA to cater to his needs
  • The raw data was processed and transformed and stored in batches.
  • Fetching the data as required from multiple locations or servers.
  • Extract the data from websites by crawling the websites.
  • Created summarized reports which made the data categorized.
  • Created flow charts and graphs for data presentation.
  • Manual addition of data forms.
  • Data comparison with direct data or visualization comparisons.


  • The data collection process was applied intelligence and only required data was collected and processed
  • RPA helped on single click to structure the unstructured data.
  • Data visualization made it easy to extract decisions to look directly into the error or solutions.
  • Data presentations with mathematical calculations for numeric data or time graphs calculations.