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Re-Inventing Ingenious Vehicle Tracking Platform

Netwin Infosolutions has glad to inform that we have added Fleet management (IFM) solution to its forte of Ingenious Vehicle Tracking platform. Ingenious Fleet Management solution has  great features required for very complex nature of logistics and transportation business. Ingenious Fleet management platform has focused on the commercial vehicles starting with small tempo to large truck. It can be fitted with any size of commercial vehicle.  Ingenious Fleet management solution allows Transport manager to assign driver to each truck, analyses driver behavior, and monitor fuel consumption and fuel efficiency of vehicle. If you want to see how it works in real life, check out the explanatory video we uploaded to youtube. While at it, don’t forget to share the link with your friends, as it would help us cut down the costs of promotional services delivered by The Marketing Heaven. Thank you so much in advance!

A great feature is Warehouse efficiency tracking. It allows warehouse manager to monitor that how much time warehouse staff takes to load or unload a truck, based on the time analysis of entire day or week including all fleets warehouse efficiency report is provided to warehouse manager.

With the release of IFM, Netwin has also changed the entire UI of Ingenious platform, Netwin has made the Ingenious platform more appealing in new look and also moved from to



23 years of Excellence at Netwin

It has been 23 years here in Netwin. 23 proud years. Every day of these 23 years brought us new experiences, new honors, new relationships, new challenges, new passion, new enthusiasm, new successes and new failures too…. Never ever in these years was a moment when we didn’t thank the almighty for giving us the chance to experience these years. For giving us the chance to be part of this great family. It has been a great experience for us all being part of Netwin. Over these years Netwin has grown as a family with a deep-rooted foundation built on innovation and ethics. Netwin’s strength lies in its family of customers and people who work here.

Netwin was born out a shared passion of a small group of intellectuals who wanted to change the way IT was embraced by people in India, esp. in rural India. Those were the days of the early 90s when IT in India was in the nascent stage. We were all excited to have our hands on something that wasn’t only groundbreaking but would help our customers to easily adopt the IT solutions and reap maximum benefits out of it. Today, when we look at the hundreds and thousands of users of the tens of solutions we have developed, a sense of pride and satisfaction is generated out of the value we could generate in their businesses and their lives. Netwin- A company! I loved it here, the very first day, I am loving it till date and surely would continue to do so even further…
The people I met here weren’t very extraordinary people when we first met. But today they are. They have simplified the complex processes and more importantly, they have made people’s lives easier and more comfortable. I think we still have to do a lot more. Perhaps, the excitement in our journey is just started to get to a different level now.

23 years back, Netwin started with a single solution in banking and today it has evolved into a complete ecosystem of solutions for Banking and Financial , Manufacturing, Retail, HealthCare and various other customer segments We kept evolving with our customers and they, in turn, surprised us and kept us going with their deep appreciation and love Our customers have always been our partners in progress. They are the people who inspired us at times to go ahead of the curve and kept us motivated by always encouraging to deliver more.

This journey of last 23 years has strengthened my belief that there are good people in this world and also there are many who have many good things in them. Feels great to be a Netwinite for life. Hope to write many more such Anniversary posts…Thanks.


Ingenious School Bus and Student Tracking Platform (ISBT)

After successful launching of Ingenious GPS Tracking solution for individual car owners.  Netwin did further researched to extend the platform to School Bus and Student Tracking.  As parents are always worried about their children while sending to school. Whether my child has reached school safely, if bus is late and child does not reach home on time, mother is always worried about it and she tries to call school admin or bus driver multiple times. With calls coming from so many parents, it becomes difficult for school admin or bus driver to focus on his driving or attend the calls. So make it simple Netwin Infosolutions has launched Ingenious School Bus Tracking and Student Tracking solution at Geaux Maids. The Ingenious platform shall send the notification when you child get into the bus and when he/she reaches school. After school hours when the child get into the bus parent will be notified and when the child drop off the bus the parent will be notified. So even if you are at your work place, you will be notified about your child reaching home and school.

Netwin has provided web based management console for School admin to manage routes of all the buses, their schedule arrival and departure timing, their actual status running late or in-time with respect to schedule Complete tracking of School Bus and Student is provided at your fingertips.



It’s All About Mobile Application Testing!

The growing use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices has fueled the escalation of mobile applications and mobile application testing. Mobile devices have become the prevailing standard for communication, for consumers, and for business worldwide.

Mobile applications are driving personal and professional interactions such as

To a large extent, mobile apps have put Industry procedures into the hands of consumers, and they’re influencing judgments or running businesses through them.

The questions are:

  • What determines a mobile app’s persuasiveness?
  • What makes people use yours?

A heavy-duty mobile app development approach is the groundwork of any thriving mobile app. One common element in application development is to ensure your mobile application covers customer expectations and business objectives through a mobile app testing strategy. This testing is a preeminent test of your mobile applications which need to pass before they are deployed.

Mobile Application Testing Challenges

Like any desktop or web application testing, mobile application testing hones in on the quality and performance of the end product. is trickier, though, because of the following aspects:

Device Fragmentation

Unlike conventional web or desktop applications, mobile apps are used on multiple devices and platforms, such as iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and others. Moreover, there are numerous versions of operating systems for each device.

Mobile device fragmentation can be a problem for software developers who must create different versions of the same application in order to make sure it works correctly with different versions of a given OS. It is also challenging for QA departments because different operating versions have different capabilities, which can make them harder to manage and secure.

The diversity of these devices, platforms, screen resolutions, memory sizes, and connectivity options can give quite the headache. Testers have to make sure multi-device, multi-platform compatibility of the app, multiple OS, works—no matter what.

Availability of Mobile Testing Tools

When a business uses in-house testing, it will usually be lacking in the testing tools and efficient methods needed. There is an increased level of sophistication required for many device compliance. Moreover, businesses often don’t have the access to mobile testing best practices, guidelines, and industry standards. This lack of availability in-house is precisely why Fix Body Group organizations opt to bring in tools and talent via an augmentation partner.

Application Life-cycle Testing

Mobile application testing methods necessitate frequent upgrades because of the following reasons:

  • End users expect near real-time resolution of bugs
  • Agile development methodologies are providing frequent benefits and feature updates
  • Regular upgrades in mobile platforms and operating systems are forcing developers to maintain app compatibility

These aspects increase the range of mobile application testing needs. The test cycle grows for every device, operating system, and software update.

To conquer these challenges, you require a vigorous mobile application testing approach that ensure the mobile app meets quality and performance guidelines that must be in place. Though most businesses already have a mobile app testing strategy, they often encounter unexpected failures in the app performance and quality.

These failures are a consequence of extended release cycles and bad development practices faced after the app release. By acquiring internally, the right expertise and industry thought leadership, this can be solved.

The Winning Mobile Application Testing Strategy

Here are five key factors to developing a winning mobile app testing strategy that will ensure that your quality assurance activities align with customer expectations, business goals, and industry best practices.

1. Mobile Device Selection

The leading concern before beginning mobile app testing activities is to choose the ways of testing the app. This major testing method can be a difficult decision to make as it corresponds directly to the market and reach for you app.

Within device selection, there are two choices to be made: selecting the gadget model or choosing between emulators and substantial devices.

Device Model

The factors below require consideration during device selection:

  • OS Version – Test your mobile app on all stable OS versions.
  • Screen Resolution – Use a mix of different screen resolutions to test the mobile app as user operations vary by screen size and resolution.
  • Form Factor – Mobile applications may act differently on smartphones and tablets. Therefore, if the app is compatible with both smartphones and tablets, it should be tested for both form factors.

As needed, numerous other factors such as memory size, connectivity options, etc. need to be accounted for while selecting the device model.

2. Emulators vs. Physical Devices

You can also decide among physical devices or emulators. Predominantly in the opening stages of development, device emulators are extremely useful because they assist rapid and efficient testing, especially in an agile development environment.

Device emulators are also very cost-effective. Mobile device emulators are very useful for basic application functionality testing and during feature development. They provide excellent options for network bypass, a pseudo-live environment, and test scripting languages.

Using mobile device emulators does not mean that you should avoid the utilization of physical devices altogether. Testing on physical devices is imperative; it allows the understanding of application activities in real-life scenarios.

Mobile device testing is all about using a right mix of emulators and physical devices to get the best results, quickly, and efficiently.

Physical device testing leads to beta testing as an extremely helpful method of mobile app testing which gives you admittance to real-world testers, real devices, actual networks, and a wider geographic coverage.

Beta testing is a major area where emulators fail in comparison to physical mobile devices. Beta testing gives you a chance to test your mobile app for factors like:

  • Network density
  • How the app behaves on specific devices
  • How real-world users interact with the app
  • Different battery states on the devices
  • Multiple networks (Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, etc.)

The real-world testing environment in beta testing is nearly impossible to create in a test lab.

3. Network Connectivity

Network connectivity significantly affects mobile applications. The majority of mobile applications depend on network connectivity to work correctly. Therefore, testing mobile apps in actual network environments is necessary to get the real picture of the application’s behavior

When testing mobile apps in an always-on Internet connectivity scenario, factors like limited connectivity, connectivity with high latency, no connectivity, and metered connectivity must be accounted for.

There is a multitude of network simulation tools available to test mobile apps against network speeds, bandwidths limitations, connection drop outs, and more. These network simulation offerings add exceptional value to the testing activities.

For a mobile app to be victorious, it’s imperative that it delivers consistent performance across diverse network environments.

target devices through a mix of emulators and physical devices—combined with other mobile testing strategies—you move towards a successful release.

4. What’s The Best Way To Get Software QA?

If you’ve worked with deploying software in the past, you understand the challenges. An organization can suffer through consequences because of a lack of QA tools and talent. But there are timely, cost effective ways around this and with an efficient software QA team.

The Bottom Line: Ultimate Mobile Application Testing

  1. Mobile Device Selection – Select devices with features that best fit your customers own usage.
  2. Emulators & Physical Devices – Emulation helps with rapid development and automated testing, but the physical device is where the customer’s engagement is found.
  3. Network Connectivity – Test mobile applications under full, intermittent, and no network connectivity conditions. Have a fallback for each to not leave the customer upset.

5Very Important Test Case, please follow in every iOS application (which support Push Notifications) because of this case application getting binary rejected in Apple Review. 

 Steps :

  1. Open Application
  2. Deny Push notification
  3. Enter login credentials
  4. Clicked on Login.

Application will be crash if this is not handled by developer –

How to generate this scenario :

  1. Delete or Uninstall the application
  2. Restart device
  3. Change Date from setting, select upcoming date.
  4. Again restart the device.
  5. Install application again
  6. Tap on application
  7. Device will ask for Push Notification “Don’t allow” or “Yes”.
  8. Tap on “Don’t allow”
  9. Try to login
  10. Verify the result.

So, please follow in every iOS to avoid rejection in Apple review.

As this is Key Factors of we have to keep in mind for Mobile Application Testing!

Blogged By-Chaitanya Tipre

Chaitanya Tipre


27th Internet of Things Convergence India 2019, New Delhi

Netwin Infosolutions launched its own vehicle tracking and efficiency improvement platform “Ingenious” in this expo.  Ingenious is specially designed for proud car owners to maintain health of their own car and monitor all the important parameters of the car.  It helps car owner to track his car 24 x 7 through Ingenious web portal and Ingenious mobile app.  Ingenious provides very useful insight about the vehicle engine.  You can improve the engine life by taking proper care of your loved car with the help of Ingenious GPS tracking Platform.  Visit our website to know more about our Ingenious Tracking platform.

In this expo Netwin also shared first view of Internet of Things Platform “Protium IoT”. Netwin has designed “Protium IoT” platform of Smart Home, Smart Properties, Smart Irrigation, Smart Security solutions. We have provided our customers with various features like door access control, garage door control, various rooms climate controls with suitable temperature, swimming pool and spa control controller, smart irrigation system, Smart Lighting i.e. Illumination System provided by



Ingenious Smart IoT Vehicle Tracking Fleet Management Solution

Why get lost in the fleet of cars when yours is Ingenious? Talk to your car like never before. Get to know the health of your car on your mobile and computer.

Simply plug the device in the OBD interface and get the diagnostics instantly. Know where you are and what is around you just in a click.

Drive safe, know when you take harsh turns, increase the speed limit or when theft attempt on the car. Ingenious device’s powerful vigilance alerts you time to time.

Carry your personal assistant wherever you go!!!

A GPS tracking unit is a navigation device, normally carried by a moving vehicle or person, that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to track the device’s movements and determine its location. The recorded location data can either be stored within the tracking unit or transmitted to an Internet-connected devices using the cellular (GPRS or SMS), radio, or satellite modem embedded in the unit. This allows the location to be displayed against a map backdrop either in real time or when analyzing the track later, using Ingenious app. OBD GPS trackers plug into the on board diagnostic (OBD) port of a light or medium duty vehicle. Usually, an OBD GPS tracker draws power from the OBD port itself and contains a built-in antenna along with a GPS module in order to receive the GPS signal. In addition, OBD trackers communicate with the different vehicle subsystems for receiving vehicle diagnostic and fuel consumption related data. The Ingenious OBD GPS tracker directly communicates with the cell tower in order to send the location and other vehicle performance data to the server over cellular wireless network. Users can view the information using Ingenious mobile app or web app.

For More Information, Please visit :

Ingenious” is the NextGen IoT GPS OBD tracking solution designed to deliver Personal tracking solutions for vehicles with its combined suite of connected navigation, mobile application and dashboard analytics platform. Ingenious App on your mobile combines with GPS OBD On-board device in your car to make your car a smart car and you a smarter driver. ” Ingenious ” offers features such as :-

    1. Cloud technology at your fingertips – Cloud technology is shared pools of configurable computer system resources and higher-level services that can be rapidly provisioned with minimal management effort, often over the Internet. Using Ingenious, all the user data is stored in Cloud.


    1. Nearby – By using Ingenious App, while travelling users can also search for nearby places such as Petrol Pumps, Restaurants, Hospitals, ATM, Lodging convenience.


    1. Plug and PlayIngenious is a plug n play device provides a 24/7 live GPS Tracking solution.


    1. Geofence – Geofence is a virtual geographic boundary, defined by GPS technology, that enables software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area Using Ingenious user can set a particular geofence alerts. Every time any vehicle moves into or out of a specified geofence users geofence alert. With the help of “Ingenious” users also get car theft alert.


    1. Vehicle heart monitoringIngenious also provides car health features to monitor the car health such as Maximum engine load, Car battery voltage, coolant temperature, intake manifold air pressure etc .


    1. Document walletIngenious provides space to store details about your vehicle Registration & License, vehicle insurance, medical Insurance for convenience.


    1. Live tracking, Positioning, My Trips – ” Ingenious ” is real time 24/7 GPS tracking solution designed to get insights such as Driving Score, Driving style, Daily Distance Travelled, Speed Charts, Over speeding Alerts, number of accelerations & brakes. Using ” Ingenious ” user can easily track & position their cars in real-time. A better way in home care can also see different trip details such as number of trips, total kms travelled.


    1. Emergency Alarms – ” Ingenious “also offers safety & security while driving alone giving emergency alerts to near & dear ones.


    1. Find my car – Using ” Ingenious ” geofence technology user can easily find the car real-time in any parked location.


    1. Anti-theft, Towing -” Ingenious ” offers anti-theft alert for any unauthorized access into the car .” Ingenious ” also offers towing alerts using geo-fence technology.


    1. Excessive idling, Aggressive acceleration, Aggressive hash breaking -“Ingenious” gives insights about Harsh acceleration, braking and long idling. User gets Driving Score, Driving style, numbers of acceleration & brakes information according to the live feed from the device.


Play Store Link :


Insights of WannaCry ransomware

Insights of WannaCry ransomware

The recent WannaCry exploit (WannaCrypt/WannaCrypt0r and variants) is ransomware that was leaked by the Shadow Brokers hacker group who published several hacking tools used by the National Security Agency (NSA).

Like other ransomware, WannaCry is designed to infect Windows machines, encrypt all important and personal files, propagate to other systems and ask the user to pay a huge amount of money to (hypothetically) recover the encrypted files. WannaCry uses multiple components to infect (using kernel escalation through the DoublePulsar exploit) and encrypt personal files (using 2048-bit RSA) and self-propagate (SMB spreading through EternalBlue exploit).

Multiple variants have been discovered, fortunately the spread of the first kill switch variant has been stopped, the second version without a kill switch is propagating but the ransomware payload fails to properly deploy (the decompression is not working but the spreading is because EternalBlue and DoublePulsar are still working), upcoming versions will definitely properly deploy without a kill switch.

How and Why WannaCry Propagated So Quickly

First of all, the propagation mechanism is not new. The main vector are the infected emails with embedded JS macro document or phishing and social engineering tactics. After a victim’s computer is compromised, the ransomware tries to self-propagate through its own network scanner to find additional SMBv1 machines and uses EternalBlue exploit to infect the rest of the world.

This vulnerability could allow a remote code execution if an attacker sends messages to a SMBv1 device. WannaCry is using this vector to self-deploy and propagate. Microsoft sent a patch under advisory MS17-010 in March 2017 to solve the vulnerabilities in Windows systems, but unfortunately a huge number of outdated and unpatched Windows devices are still up and running, learn more here.

Monitoring & Remediation

Your network and security teams can join forces to remediate security attacks. This list has been designed to help your organization to stay alert and to reduce the scope of any WannaCry propagation.

As described, WannaCry relies on multiple vectors to propagate and infect systems. Fewer SMB open doors result in fewer chances for the ransomware to self-propagate.

Alerting / Detection

The first version of WannaCry has a kill switch. It is important not to block this domain as it is a good trigger to detect devices infected with this version. We can be alerted if the kill switch domain or any variant has been reached from the network. Capturing DNS and proxy servers is a good practice. EternalBlue spreads the ransomware through SMBv1 and tries to detect other SMBv1 enabled Servers. This can generate a huge number of ARP and TCP Syn packets. Being able to know what is the normal level of such protocols on the network is useful as an abnormal peak will trigger an alarm and identify which devices are generating unusual ARP / TCP Syn traffic.


It is urgent to detect which devices on the network are still using SMBv1. In addition to scanning the network using tools like NMAP, this can be done by creating a real-time alarm (SMBv1 is using a unique pattern in the header). Urgent action is needed to switch off the SMBv1 stack in Windows machines.

An application-aware NPMD solution is a huge advantage to discovering the application code messages. Alerting and trending on application messages gives a very good hint where to first look to discover compromised devices. WannaCry will trigger a huge number of SMB CREATE, DELETE & RENAME operations.

The EternalBlue exploit would generate some weird commands to SMB devices that could be detected as well during the propagation phase. Having a smart solution with an expert analytics engine would help to quickly identify issues.