Education Tourism Company's Digital Transformation - Course & Student Management, Online Booking success story

Case study of digital transformation of education Tourism Company

Overview: Our client is Italy based education tourism company, they have very special courses for students and professionals who come from Europe and UK to Italy for taking courses. The company wanted to improve its business.


  • Existing system was off-line with lot of manual work.
  • Students visiting from different countries were also in need of different things like accommodation, travel arrangement, food, local guides etc.
  • Unable to track the student’s data, arrival timing, place to stay, etc.
  • Unable to assign the teachers allotted as per the student need
  • Difficult to handle entire process
  • Bookings & Payments were all offline.


  • Implemented Platform where they can perform all actions online
  • Implemented different platforms, like for Students they can visit the website to see how many courses, locations where they can visit for Study.
  • Generation of online quotation
  • Implemented Agent access to track with payments, students etc.
  • Implemented Group Leader access to track how many students arriving and which GL assign which students or group of students etc.
  • Implemented Teacher Platform where they can see which Class is he will be get assigned and how many students for how many hours
  • Generation of invoice for Teachers
  • Create different Classes & schedule whole day program for Students of that class
  • Implemented Online test platform where Students needs to perform some test to check eligibility to do a course.
Netwin Infosolutions Case Study


  • Entire business process is digitized
  • Management is able to view all process on dashboard
  • Very easy to track how many requests or quotations comes from Students
  • Online system gives them more flexibility.
  • Easily track down each and every transaction.
  • Platform also shows them different reports to quickly summarize it.
  • With simplified system, client is able to focus more on courses and marketing which results in increased revenue.