Healthcare software application & Patient Claim management for hospitals success story

Case study of patient management application for hospitals

Overview: Our client has multiple hospitals in Australia, their main requirement was collecting, managing patient’s data. As different patients have different medical / health issues, collecting their history and tracking current treatment is very complex process.


Netwin Infosolutions App for Healthcare
  • Patient’s medical history/health reports were very complex, collecting such variety of data and digitizing was big task.
  • Problem for managing end to end the flow of healthcare lifecycle
  • Insurance companies and Govt. aid required lot of data, different formats or reports and so many things to submit for each patient.
  • The Insurance and Govt. formats change from time to time, so lot of time was spent in converting the data generated from system into required format manually by supporting staff.


  • We analyzed the entire process of patient admission, data entry, treatment data, discharge, claim reports. We designed dynamic system which can be molded easily for generating required reports.
  • We created processes and workflows for managing the data of patients which starts at patient admission, adding government aid/fund support information, creating treatment schedules and invoicing.
  • We made a provision to upload and process the patient data and generated what is required with the government platform from the application.
  • We integrated the third-party applications for processing the staff and patient services data as per the hospital needs.
Netwin Infosolutions Case Study Healthcare Sector
Netwin Infosolutions App for Healthcare


  • Patient data entry was simplified, data was processed and kept in flexible format.
  • With just one click entire patient funding are now getting processed with the government platform
  • Hospital can now manage the patient details with easy dashboards.
  • Reports were flexible and dynamic hence manually generation or conversion of data in required format was eliminated, staff with few clicks were able to generate the required reports.