Multi stores, Mortgage loan, online Contracts & Inventory management of chain of Pawn stores success story

Case study of a chain of pawn stores improving efficiency and customer experience (CX)

Overview: Our client is having a chain of pawn stores in Australia, his business is wide spread and has 10 outlets/stores.  There were many sales representatives who used to travel across stores and many customers were visiting different stores as per their convenience.


Stores chain online contracts
  • Each store was having separate software, so unable to access the software from other store locations.
  • The reconciling data between stores was a big problem. Stores were having separate inventory software and POS machines for doing transactions.
  • Pawn stores has to comply with Govt. regulations that was also a big task.
  • Customer has to wait in other store locations for sales rep to get his data from store where he has account, so lot of time was wasted in waiting.
  • If items shifted from one store to another then there was issue inventory if proper entry was not done.


  • We analyzed the business operations and discussed with store managers about their requirements with the help of on-site team.
  • We designed and implemented multi-location and multi-store business model which suits their requirements.
  • Sales representative if goes to another location/store, he was able to use his own login with approval from local store manager.
  • Customer registration was centralized, so customer was uniquely identified across all locations.
  • Able to Collect, analyze and manage the data across all stores was made possible.
  • Implemented a User-friendly, customized, responsive interface.
  • Dashboards were developed showing Key areas which helped managers to monitor store performance.
Netwin Infosolutions Inventory management
Netwin Infosolutions Inventory Management


  • Centralized data helped management to track the progress of entire business.
  • Customer experience was very much improved as customers were able to do transaction across any store, business growth by 25%.
  • Healthy competition was set up between store managers who is able to achieve highest sale, the dashboard was designed to continuously display progress
  • Sales rep were more happy to work in new & easy to use environment.
  • Data presentations with graphs structure helped to analyze the data properly.